Mailbox Purchase Walkthrough

Mailbox  Information

Reston Heights

    Homeowners Association

Please note that as you recondition your mailbox, there are requirements for painting/staining mailboxes. The following are the approved colors, found at Sherwin Williams:

  • Post – Woodscapes, Solid Color House Stain, Deep Base 6403-33522, SW2043 Canoe
  • Mailbox Support – Cedar Deckscapes, Toner A15T452, 6403-5945
  • Numbers on Mailbox – Enamel Acrylic Latex Satin, Ultra Deep Base 6403-25981, 529 Garden Green

The neighborhood approved the Canoe color to be used on both the post and mailbox support so that folks only have to purchase two colors vs. three to maintain their mailbox. Neighbors could pool their resources and jointly purchase the painting supplies to avoid large quantities of left-over paint. (On a related manner, the Board has no issue with filling the newspaper box with paper/wood to avoid nest-building by the birds.) A neighborhood resident is willing to do mailbox reconditioning at a reasonable cost. Contact Tony Pullara at 241-0530.

Mailbox Post Replacement  

Many thanks to John Rolfsmeyer for finding someone to make replacement mailbox posts.  Post cut and stained $110. If you need the newspaper box with it (cedar sandblasted), add $120.
Contact:     Jeff Solner     608-577-8078

Mailbox Replacement
If you need to replace the actual mailbox, there are two options:

  • Ordered online: select classic, and plain copper, then Special Order Green Painted Mailbox & Hardware, then personalize with your address in all CAPS, Approx $190.

  • Purchase from Menards Rural Steel Mailbox, Venetian Bronze, Model Number MB4Z0R, SKU 215869 Approx. $40.